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About Annette Ladd                                                                              

Annette is in private practice with two physicians, and together they provide collaborative care to a diverse population.  The collaborative care model provides clients with confidence that their mental health and medical practitioners are communicating with each other, thereby creating a more comprehensive, whole-person approach to treatment.

Annette offers strategic interventions for couples, families, and individuals with the goal of creating healthier relationships and long-term, permanent change. The health and well-being of marriages and families has been a primary focus in Annette’s counseling practice, including the relationship between Mom and Dad and the interaction between children and parents. In addition to therapy, she has used her years of experience to provide educational workshops and seminars to the community of Southern Arizona.

Annette has been married for 25 years to a man she describes as “remarkable in every way.”  Like every couple, Annette and Scott have experienced their own hardships and successes and hope that sharing their own life and marital experiences will help others feel less alone and more comfortable about the process of seeking counseling.



​Annette J. Ladd, M.A.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Real Relationships for Real Life, L.L.C.

10425 N. Oracle Rd.#105, Oro ValleyAZ 85737

Phone 520.544.7644 / Fax 520.544.0548

Counseling: What's it all about?

Who Needs Counseling?

​The short answer: Everyone. The long answer: Most people, at one time or another need a safe place to work through the problems of life.  Professional counseling is a viable option for those who desire to focus on change in themselves.  If you are desiring to change someone else, it is likely that the process of counseling will be a frustrating experience.  

Interestingly, people from all walks of life find their way into Annette's office, including teachers, doctors, pastors, lawyers, home builders, firefighters, policemen, and many more. Whether you're struggling with your marriage, relationships at work, or something very personal - it may be beneficial to meet with a counselor.

How long will counseling take?

Counseling sessions are generally 50 minutes in length (with the exception of Comprehensive Therapy Encounters and planned 2 hour sessions).  

Annette most often meets with clients every 2 weeks.  After progress has been made and the client is experiencing change in their life, sessions are then scheduled every 3-4 weeks until the remainder of the therapeutic work is complete.
When the storms of life are on the horizon...
It's helpful to know there is a way through the storm.